Which Long Range Baby Monitor Should I Buy?

Baby monitors are great devices that as parents, you can use to stay aware of your baby’s activity without being in the same room. This gives you freedom to carry out other tasks or relax, safe in the knowledge that your child is safe.

Being aware of the different type of devices available allows you to decide on the right baby monitor for you.

Categories of monitor range from audio sound monitors, to video and sensor monitors. Obviously the higher the cost of the monitor, the greater the functions and features that come with it, and so a greater peace of mind.

Audio monitors remain the more basic and cheaper type of baby monitor, and where as these monitors used to present problems such as failure to pick up the sound or even interference from other devices, these problems have now been eliminated thanks to developments in digital technology, and so these newer devices on the market are now far more reliable than ever before.
Video monitors, at an extra cost, provide not only sound, but also video taken from a small camera that attaches to the crib, wall or table nearby, and sent to the parent unit screen. They also come with great features such as talkback to your baby, temperature monitor of the room, and multiple camera function for monitoring twins or triplets.

Sensor monitors will let you know if your baby does not move for a certain period of time. The sensor pads are placed under your baby’s mattress, and if your baby does not move the unit alarms to alert you to attend to your baby immediately.

Your decision on which baby monitor to buy will depend on the situation. For instance, if you have a newborn baby, importance is placed on your baby’s sleeping safety, and so types of breathing and sensor monitors are available to ensure this need is met. If you have more than one baby to monitor, a video monitor is needed as most of the models have facilities for additional cameras and can monitor up to 4 rooms.

Whichever long range monitor you decide to buy, first make sure if it is the most suited to your and your baby’s needs, for example if you live in a fairly small house then a simpler monitor may be all that is required. Always take this and other factors into consideration as well as costs.