Simple Yet Effective Advice on What to Do When Having an Anxiety Attack

Knowing what to do when having an anxiety attack is something that people suffering from anxiety disorder need to learn if they ever want to live a normal and happy life. Anxiety is not something that you should just take lightly; it is a serious condition of the mind that can negatively affect the life of the sufferer. In this article, you will learn about the most important thing when countering the effects of anxiety, and hopefully it will be of some help to you as well.

In order to prevent the onset of panic attacks, there is one thing that you need to remember: real-life is not as scary as you think it is. The usual trigger that causes your panic attacks is that you think your current situation is worse than it really is; thinking about all the bad things that could happen will only cause you start panicking. Though it may seem simple to just stop thinking negative thoughts, it is not an easy thing to in real life.

One of the reasons why you cannot just think your way out of a panic attack is because you, like most other sufferers, are not really aware of what exact thoughts set off your anxiety. Not understanding why this things happen only make you more prone to panicking, this is why consulting a psychiatrist is crucial, because this is the only way for you to learn what to do when having an anxiety attack. A professional will not only be able to identify what thoughts causes you to panic, you will also learn how stop thinking about them.

Here are some of the usual mental techniques that can help alleviate panic attack symptoms, if done correctly, they can even prevent them from even starting:
Focus on Your Breathing
If you feel that you are starting to panic, close your eyes and start breathing deeply. Then focus your mind of your breathing pattern; by focusing your attention on something other than what is causing your to panic, little by little, you will start to relax.

Get a Change of Scenery
Going outside for a couple of minutes will allow you to breathe easier, and it will also give you some time to organize your thoughts, preventing them from going out of control and trigger a panic attack. Once you are a bit more composed, you can enter the room again.

Dissect Your Thoughts and Analyze Them
Irrational thoughts are the most common triggers that cause panic attacks. So the next time you feel panic, analyze your thoughts in a rational way. Ask yourself if there really is a chance that something that horrible could happen in real life. If you approach the problem in a logical way, you will understand that it is actually nothing to get flustered about.

These things may seem too simple to ever work, but professionals will tell you otherwise. Now that you know what to do when having an anxiety attack, you now have one less thing to worry about.

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